About Us

POLY AI is a studying and developing project for AI using Blockchain technology base.
POLY AI focus on studying and developing AI in Deep Learning – the field which has brough many applications in the recent times for products from Google, Apple or Facebook.
The drawback of Deep learning is that it needs a huge amount of input data for the computer to learn. This process requires time and lots of computing power which only large servers own. If there isn’t enough input data or power, everything can’t go as wanted, result from the computer will not be precise.
POLY AI uses the data storage on the Blockchain, which makes difficulties in hardware for developing and studying disappear completely. Comparing to other uses of cloud computing, the Blockchain is much more safe and secured. With Blockchain, only the uploader can adjust files. No one can access, stop downloading or force delete from the system.
With the strongpoints of Blockchain, POLY AI manages to solve difficulties and will be the new breakthrough in studying and developing AI.
POLY AI has planned for the first generation of AI – Poly 1.0 in 2018, with supporting functions for the market such as pricing Bitcoin and trading supports.

Press releases

POLY AI - Artificial Intelligence base on Blockchain Project

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Press Release • 24.10.2017 • By Poly AI network